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Radius Systems has been testing procedure to stop gas flow for gas operations under 100% hydrogen conditions


H21 Visit to HyNetz

Back in December, two of our team made their way to Leipzig via Berlin.

Not to browse the famous German Christmas markets, but to visit a pioneering hydrogen test facility located over there.

Over the past year we have been in contact with the DBI Gas Group Germany to discuss our respective hydrogen programme of projects (H21 and HYPOS). DBI is an engineering, research and development company specialising in oil and gas production, storage and transportation.

HYPOS (Hydrogen Power Storage and Solutions) is a project that, along with around 120 companies and research institutions, the DBI Gas Group are involved with, leading on a number of projects.

There are currently 28 projects taking place as part of HYPOS, each with the aim of gathering research and development into the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen for use in the chemical industry, refineries, the mobility and energy sectors.

One project DBI are leading on is Hy-Netz, the design and demonstration of a hydrogen distribution system with plastic pipes.

Hy-Netz largely mirrors what we intend to undertake during Phase 2 of H21, namely creating a micro-grid running on hydrogen. As a result of this similarity in our projects DBI invited our team members to visit their Hy-Netz facility – allowing us to gain learnings from their work and share learnings from the H21 project.


Whilst our micro-grid will enable hydrogen flow to be observed and operational procedures to be safely tested, the Hy-Netz project will observe the effects of hydrogen longevity on the plastic pipes. Additionally, our own micro-grid will be constructed of both plastic and metallic pipes whereas the Hy-Netz project is constructed using solely plastic pipes.

The visit was very successful with our team able to share the things they have learned during Phase 1 and the designing of Phase 2 of the H21 project with DBI. They were also able to gain insights into the challenges that DBI faced when designing, constructing, commissioning and running their Hy-Netz facility too – all of which is valuable information that can be taken forward for future H21 projects.

The collaboration and relationship that the team have established with DBI Gas Group will certainly continue into the future as both hydrogen projects progress.

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