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Radius Systems has been testing procedure to stop gas flow for gas operations under 100% hydrogen conditions


Keith Owen, Head of Systems Development and Energy Strategy, took part in a Delta-EE Podcast about the possible use of the gas network to transport hydrogen blends and 100% hydrogen in the future

The CEO of Northern Gas Networks (NGN) has today welcomed Boris Johnson’s ambitious Ten-point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, which lists hydrogen as a key component.

The pledge forms part of the government strategy which the Prime Minister believes will deliver on Net Zero commitments by 2050, and regenerate industrial heartlands in the North, creating jobs, prosperity and economic growth.

Europe has built up one of the best gas distribution infrastructures in the world. There’s one problem though. It distributes natural gas, a fuel that we will hardly be able to use if we’re to reach our net zero targets. Can we use the infrastructure instead for clean hydrogen – either blended with natural gas as a stepping stone, or with pure hydrogen in the future? In this episode we put aside discussion on the extent to which we should do this – and focus on whether or not we can do this, and what’s involved in doing so.

Jon Slowe is joined by  Keith Owen Head of Systems Development and Energy Strategy at Northern Gas Networks in the UK; Eva Henning, Head of Department for EU Energy Policy at Thüga, an alliance of German municipal energy companies (as well as chair of Eurogas’s distribution committee);and Delta-EE expert, Rob Castek

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