Developed in partnership with global energy giant Equinor and UK gas distributer Cadent, this project builds on the original Leeds City Gate, presenting a conceptual design for converting the North of England to hydrogen between 2028 and 2035.

This includes 3.7 million meter points (circa 85 TWh per annum, representing 12.5% of net UK population) across the major urban conurbations of Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Hull, Liverpool, Manchester, Teesside, Tyneside and York.

The design incorporates a 12.15 GW hydrogen production facility, 8 TWh of inter-seasonal storage, all associated onshore infrastructure and the requirements of the associated carbon capture and storage scheme, scaling to 20 million tonnes per annum by 2035.

H21 North of England represents a credible first policy option for UK government following completion of the last pieces of critical safety evidence, set to be provided by the Hy4Heat and H21 NIC programmes by 2023.

Collaboration: Network Innovation Allowance (NIA)

Funding: Equinor, Cadent