As part of the overall H21 Project; and detailed in the Executing the H21 Roadmap document, this project will follow Phase 1 of the H21 NIC project and work in parallel with Phase 2 [H21 NIC project], to undertake the pre-requisite activities required to allow the H21 Occupied Trial (Phase 3).

The H21 project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of using 100% hydrogen in a gas distribution network and as part of the layering of confidence to the stakeholders and the HSE, a live trial on existing gas infrastructure connected to real customers is required after the unoccupied trials. Phase 3 occupied trials will demonstrate through a live trial in homes and a small business, that 100% hydrogen as a low carbon alternative for natural gas is safe, practical and achievable and can be delivered with less impact to consumers than other potential
heat decarbonisation options.