This project will lead to the creation of a prototype domestic hydrogen detection device, similar in style and size to existing, ceiling mounted, indoor smoke and CO detectors.


The battery powered device will include a piezo speaker for audio alarm and an LED for visual alarm and to indicate proper functioning. The device will use an available MOS sensor combined with temperature and relative humidity sensor to determine the H2 volume in air.

Over the next few years, it is intended that the current natural gas energy system will transition into a system that is fuelled by a large proportion of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen has many similar characteristics to that of natural gas but does not behave in the same way. To address these different characteristics and to increase customer confidence in hydrogen being used in domestic properties, a method of reliably detecting hydrogen leaks within the home is required.

At project completion, a pre-production prototype domestic hydrogen detection device will have been created and will have been tested in a representative environment. This device will be ready for manufacturers to use as the basis for commercially available sensors.