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Radius Systems has been testing procedure to stop gas flow for gas operations under 100% hydrogen conditions


Pioneering a UK hydrogen network…Led by Northern Gas Networks

H21 is a suite of gas industry projects, carrying out vital work to prove that the gas network can safely transport hydrogen in the future. Over a third of the UK’s carbon emissions are generated by the 83% of domestic homes currently using natural gas for heating and cooking. The UK is committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050, so the gas we use needs to change. Hydrogen can play a vital role because it produces no carbon at the point of use.

Did You Know?

Reusing the existing gas network to transport hydrogen could lead to the least disruptive and most cost effective route to carbon free heating for the majority of homes.

The H21 programme is funded by Ofgem and led by Northern Gas Networks in partnership with Cadent Gas, West and West Utilities, Scottish Gas Networks, National Grid, DNV and the Health and Safety Executive.

Watch our latest video to find out about the recent progress made towards proving the safety case for hydrogen and the consultation work we completed with the public about the possibilities of a hydrogen conversion.

Partners of H21

Partners of H21